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Welcome to Sound Medicine

Welcome to Sound MedicineEvery week rely on authoritative reporting and insightful interviews illuminating the latest medical research and health-related headlines heard on public radio. Your host Barbara Lewis provides in-depth, accurate and actionable information. You’ll find field reports, stories, in-studio newsmakers, personal essays, and quirky information about health and medicine you can't find anywhere else.

Air date: December 29, 2013

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Host Barbara Lewis talks to physicians and researchers about:

Mayan abdominal massage

Men's & Women's Health
Interview: Men-Jean Lee, M.D., OB-GYN.
Megan Assaf, masseuse.
Andrea Muraskin, field producer

Walking school bus

Nutrition and Exercise
Interview: Sandy Roab, field producer.

Syrian American Medical Society

Healthcare Policy & Public Health

Breast milk transportation via motorbike


Royal Flying Doctor Service

Healthcare Policy & Public Health Research
Interview: Maeve Frances, field producer.

Mobile medical clinics

Healthcare Policy & Public Health Research
Interview: Kyle Norris, host/producer, Michigan Radio,

Drawing with doctors

Research Medical Education
Interview: Sandy Roab, field producer.

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