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What are the best medical apps for smartphones?

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Air date: June 9, 2013

Host: Kathy Miller, MD

Research Medical Edcuation
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Interview: Alex Djuricich, M.D., associate professor of clinical medicine, associate dean for continuing studies, Indiana University School of Medicine.

"Sound Medicine" guest expert Kathy Miller, M.D., speaks with technology expert Alex Djuricich, M.D., about the newest and best medical apps for smartphones. According to Dr. Djuricich, the Stanford Medicine 25 and medical journal apps are important for medical students and professionals. However, he warns that not all apps are created equal; a study by the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center showed some medical apps may not be as accurate as others. Here is a full list of apps suggested by Dr. Djuricich:
Stanford 25
Annals of Internal Medicine
New England Journal of Medicine
The Red Book
Journal of Pediatrics

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