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How close are researchers to regenerating infant hearts?

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Air date: May 19, 2013

Host: David Crabb, MD

Pediatrics Research Medical Edcuation
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Interview: Eric Olson, M.D., professor and chair, Department of Molecular Biology, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas.

Each year, one out of every 125 babies born in the United States has a heart defect. The March of Dimes recently awarded its March of Dime Prize in Developmental Biology to Eric Olson, M.D., a doctor and biologist whose studies focus on mammal and infant heart regeneration. In his studies, Dr. Olson removed large parts of the hearts of infant mice, which were able to regenerate those parts and develop into fully functional adult mice. Dr. Olson found that the younger mice are able to regenerate their hearts early in life, but as they age, the window of regeneration closes. Dr. Olson says these promising results could eventually be used to solve the mystery of human heart regeneration.

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