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How is HIV treated today?

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Air date: December 2, 2012

Host: David Crabb, MD

Healthcare Policy & Public Health Patient Care
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Interview: Marti Greenwald, N.P., Methodist Hospital HIV Clinic.

Marti Greenwald, N.P., discusses the evolving treatment of HIV she's witnessed from the 1980s to today in her former role as nurse in the intensive care unit and her current role as a nurse practitioner at the Methodist Hospital HIV Clinic. Greenwald says the rate of death from HIV has steadily declined with the advent of many new medications in recent years. Current treatment efforts are focused on prevention, and HIV educators advocate that everyone know their HIV status and that practitioners routinely provide screenings. At-home screening tests can be purchased at commercial pharmacies to provide screening for those who fear visiting a health care provider. Early HIV treatments consisted of 12 or more pills, often known as a medication cocktail. Treatment today may consist of only one pill.

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