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How can doctors combat violence?

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Air date: December 2, 2012

Host: Anne Ryder

Healthcare Policy & Public Health Patient Care Safety
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Interview: Gerardo Gomez, M.D., chief of trauma services at Wishard Hospital.

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Gerado Gomez, M.D., chief of trauma services at Wishard Hospital, is a member of a team of doctors that established a violence-education program called Prescription for Hope at Wishard. Established in May 2009, Prescription for Hope approaches patients after hospital admission for injuries related to violence to encourage their enrollment. The program provides a mentor and a case worker to assess patients for their risk for violence and create interventions to decrease their personal risk factors. Gomez describes the barriers to preventing violence and the patients that he sees multiple times for gunshot and knife wounds. In the three years since its inception, Prescription for Hope has dramatically reduced the incidence of another violence-related injury in the patients enrolled in the program.

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