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What are "compounding" pharmacies and how do they fit into our health care system?

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Air date: November 4, 2012

Host: David Crabb, MD

Bioethics Healthcare Policy & Public Health Patient Care Safety
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Interview: Angela Ockerman, Pharm.D., Assistant professor of pharmacy practice at Butler University.

Guest Angela Ockerman, Pharm.D., assistant professor of pharmacy practice at Butler University, discusses today’s compounding pharmacies, which are making large amounts of special formulas for physicians who can’t acquire that drug from traditional pharmacies or pharmaceutical companies. The regulation of such pharmacies has come into question after many people recently became sick or died from a contaminated steroid preparation that was traced back to a compounding pharmacy in Massachusetts. Ockerman explains that the regulation of compounding pharmacies sometimes falls through the cracks since state and federal agencies do not have the resources to inspect and review them.

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