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What symptoms are associated with psychosis?

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Air date: July 15, 2012

Host: Steve Bogdewic, PhD

Healthcare Policy & Public Health Mental Health
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Interview: Alan Breier, M.D, professor of psychiatry at Indiana University School of Medicine, Chief, Psychotic Disorders Program, Director of Research at LaRue D. Carter Memorial Hospital.

Although the public’s perception of psychosis usually consists of a person who is unhinged and verging on violence, the psychiatrists’ definition is far more refined. Alan Breier, M.D., professor of psychiatry at Indiana University School of Medicine, shares the background of psychosis from a clinical standpoint and signs of schizophrenia to look out for in young adults. Schizophrenia is the focus of practice at the IU Psychotic Disorders Program at Larue D. Carter Memorial Hospital, where Dr. Breier teaches and treats patients.

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