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Social Media for Physicians

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Air date: April 8, 2012

Host: Kathy Miller, MD

Healthcare Policy & Public Health Patient Care Medical Edcuation
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Interview: Alex Djuricich, MD, pediatrician
associate dean, Continuing Medical Education
director, internal medicine and pediatrics residency programs
IU School of Medicine

Our next guest uses social media on a daily basis -- not so strange.

Whats unusual is that hes a practicing physician. Alex Djuricich, MD, is a pediatrician and educator with the Indiana University School of Medicine.

To the surprise of skeptics, he's discovered that blog posts and tweets are practical methods for improving medical care and medical learning. Dr. Djuricich discusses his foray into social media with Sound Medicines Kathy Miller, MD.

Dr. Djuricich is associate dean for continuing medical education at the IU School of Medicine. He also directs the residency program for internal medicine and pediatrics.