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Did You Know?: Cool Hands & Exercise

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Air date: April 8, 2012

Host: Jeremy Shere, PhD

Did You know? Nutrition and Exercise Research
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Did you Know? is presented by Wishard Health Services, becoming Eskenazi Health in 2014.

I'm Jeremy Shere.

Sticking to an exercise routine takes determination and desire. But did you know that keeping your hands cool may be the best way to keep a workout going?

Stanford researchers found that placing hands in a cooling device while walking or running on a treadmill enabled participants to keep going longer than those who held a lukewarm device.

The study involved obese women, and so it's possible that the results may not apply equally to men or to non-obese people. But the general principle -- that cooling the hands cools down the rest of the body, too -- could benefit anyone.

Although the study used an expensive, high-tech cooling device, the researchers say that something as simple as holding and sipping from a bottle of ice-cold water will do the trick.

And now you know.

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Did you Know is presented by Wishard Health Services, becoming Eskenazi Health in 2014.

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