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History of Osteopathic Medicine

views 2010
Air date: July 3, 2011

Host: Kathy Miller, MD

Medical History
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Interview: Norman Gevitz, PhD, professor and chair,
Department of Social Medicine, Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine

This segment was recut from the October 10, 2010 show.

A history lesson, now, about the only branch of medicine to have started in the U.S.: osteopathy.

Itís a growing branch of the medical profession, and it is seen by some as a solution to the shortage of primary care doctors in this country.

And yet, osteopathy is not well understood. So we turned to an expert. Norman Gevitz, PhD, is a medical historian and author of The DO's: Osteopathic Medicine in America.

Dr. Gavitz sat down with Sound Medicineís Dr. Kathy Miller to explain the history and the practice of osteopathic medicine.