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Did You Know?: Organic Food's Health Halo

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Air date: May 15, 2011

Host: Jeremy Shere, PhD

Did You know? Nutrition and Exercise Research
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Organic food might not necessarily be better for you. But did you know that people tend to think that food labeled "organic" is tastier and more healthful?

Researchers at Cornell University did an experiment involving 144 volunteers, asking then to compare organic and what they were told was non-organic food in terms of taste, fat content, number of calories and cost. What the volunteers didnít know was that all of the food was in fact organic.

The researchers found that even though all the food was identical, the volunteers preferred the food labeled organic across the board. They found it to be tastier and assumed it was lower in fat and calories, higher in fiber, and worth more money.

Other studies have shown that although organic food benefits the environment by not using pesticides and herbicides, itís not necessarily better for you than non-organic food.

And now you know.

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