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PARP Inhibitors to Treat Breast Cancer

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Air date: October 18, 2009

Host: Kathy Miller, MD

Cancer Men's & Women's Health Research
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Interview: James Ford, MD,
Associate professor of medicine, genetics and pediatrics
Stanford University School of Medicine

We pick up today where we left off last week, with more news about one of the most encouraging threads of research into the causes and treatments for breast cancer.

Itís an enzyme thatís in all of our cells, called PARP, which stands for: Poly-a-d-p-ribose polymerase. You can see why itís called PARP.

One doctor who has been studying PARP is James Ford.
Heís on the faculty at Stanford University School of Medicine and is the co-author of a new study that has the breast cancer research community buzzing.

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