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Did You Know?: Travel & Blood Clots

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Air date: August 9, 2009

Host: Jeremy Shere, PhD

Did You know?
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Did you know that travel increases your risk for dangerous blood clots?

According to a recent study, frequent travelers have almost triple the average risk of getting blood clots that can cause deadly strokes and heart attacks.

The researchers, at Harvard, looked closely venous thrombo-embolism, or VTE -- a type of blood clot that forms in leg veins. Reviewing more than a dozen previous studies, they found a clear evidence that travel increases the risk for VTEs.

So which travelers are most at risk?

Women on the pill, pregnant women, and the obese are especially vulnerable.

The researchers don't suggest that all travelers take anti-clotting drugs. But experts do recommend that, especially during long plane or car rides, travelers should drink extra fluids and get up and move around at least once every two hours.

And now you know.