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Did You Know?: XTreme Eating

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Air date: June 14, 2009


Did You know?
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I'm Jeremy Shere.

Did you know that a single dish at many popular family restaurants will fill you up with enough calories and salt for an entire day?

According to a new report, called "XTreme Eating 2009," many chain restaurants offer meals that take you right up to and often beyond recommended limits for calories and sodium.

Take, for example, Applebee's "Quesadilla Burger." It's basically a hamburger between two tortillas, garnished with cheese, bacon and Mexi-ranch sauce. Count the included fries, and the dish tops out at more than 1800 calories--nearly enough for the entire day. The salt content is off the charts, at nearly 4500 milligrams--enough for two days.

The report's main recommendation is simple: don't eat calorie dense, high sodium meals at places like Applebee's, Chili's, and many other restaurants. But if you just can't stay away from these eateries, consider consuming only half a meal at one sitting, and saving the rest for another day.

And now you know.