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Did You Know?: Anger & Heart Problems

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Air date: March 8, 2009


Did You know?
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Yes it's true: anger is bad for your heart.

The stress and negative emotion of getting angry can spark electrical changes in the heart, which can lead to arrhythmias, or heart rhythm problems, according to a recent study.

This is important especially for people with heart disease, because arrhythmias are known to increase the risk for stroke or heart attack.

So, in other words, thereís a connection, or at least an association, between anger and having a heart attack. In fact, other studies have shown that many heart attack victims report being angry just before the attack struck.

Now, the study was small, involving only 62 patients, so we canít draw any conclusive lessons just yet. But the researchers are planning follow-up studies to test how anger and stress management therapy could help people lower their risk for heart trouble.

And now you know.