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Did You Know?: Healing With Blood Plasma

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Air date: March 1, 2009


Did You know?
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It's odd but true. Some sports medicine doctors heal injuries using doses of the patientís own blood plasma.

The treatment involves injecting a plasma solution containing blood platelet cells at the site of the patientís injury. The idea is that the platelets might trigger or speed up the healing process.

More specifically, platelets may act as a sort of framework for new tissue growth. The could also jump start cells to begin dividing and replace damaged tissue in bones, muscles and tendons.

Plasma injection treatments have not been extensively studied. So far most of the success stories are anecdotal.

Researchers are interested in exploring the treatment in more detail to determine how many injections may be necessary, when to give plasma injections, and how effective the treatment is in the long term.

And now you know.