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Did You Know?: Eating Red

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Air date: February 15, 2009


Did You know?
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Did you Know? is presented by Wishard Health Services, becoming Eskenazi Health in 2014.

To help celebrate Valentine’s Day, last week was the first-ever national "Eat Red Week" to educate people about the health benefits of cherries, red grapes, tomatoes and other red foods.

For example, tart cherries are known to help neutralize disease-causing molecules called free radicals.

Red grapes contain resveratrol, a chemical that helps dilate bloods vessels to increase blood flow.

Tomatoes, meanwhile, are rich in lycopene -- a health promoting anti-oxidant. A recent study found that women who eat the most tomatoes have a lower risk of heart disease.

And red chili peppers have been found to help prevent cholesterol from clogging up arteries.

So to do your body a favor this Valentine season, you might try eating red.

And now you know.