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Did You Know?: Computerized Hospitals Have Fewer Patient Deaths

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Air date: February 8, 2009


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It's true. According to a new study by researchers at the National Center for Policy Analysis in Dallas, "wired" hospitals have lower rates of patient deaths and complications.

The researchers looked at the computerization of notes, records and other types of medical information in 41 Texas hospitals and found that the more a hospital had gone digital, the lower its death rate.

The researchers speculate that the lower death rates in wired hospital were due to computers helping doctors keep track of important information about patients. For example, computerized records can alert a doctorís attention to changes in a patientís vital signs or to a problem with medication.

The study emphasized, though, that having a wired information system in hospitals is not enough. For the system to be effective, hospitals must devote resources to training doctors and staff to make the most of the technology.

And now you know.

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