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Did You Know?: Eating Breakfast

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Air date: January 4, 2009


Did You know?
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Yes, folks who eat breakfast appear to have better diets overall.

That’s according to researchers at the Breakfast Research Institute. In a recent study the group claims that the key is eating breakfast foods low in energy density, which basically means low in calories. So stuff like fruits, vegetables and oatmeal are good. Donuts and pastries? Bad, because they’re calorie dense.

So, according to the study, if you eat a low-energy density breakfast you’re more likely to make smart food choices throughout the day. People who eat a low-cal breakfast tend to have better overall diets and eat a wider variety of foods than their high calorie breakfast counterparts.

You should know that the Breakfast Research Institute is funded by Quaker and Tropicana, companies that have an obvious stake in more people eating oatmeal and orange juice and other breakfast-y foods. The data for the Institute’s study came from three federal health surveys between 1999 and 2004.

You can check out the study and learn more about the Institute on its website: