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Did You Know?: Waist Fat and Early Death

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Air date: November 23, 2008


Did You know?
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According to a European study, that extra belly fat could be deadly if your overall weight is in the normal range.
Researchers followed more than 300,000 middle-aged volunteers for ten years and found that an extra two inches of belly fat raised the chanced of early death by as much as 17%.

Previous studies have found that higher waist size increases the risk for heart disease. The current study supports those findings.

So why is waist fat so deadly?

Scientists arenít sure. Thereís speculation that unlike other kinds of fat, belly fat can trigger chronic disease by sending chemical messages.

One important outcome of the study, according to researchers, is that it gives people a simple way to monitor their overall health. If you measure your waist and find too much flab, you could be at risk.

And now you know.

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