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Did You Know?: Smoking & Food Insecurity

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Air date: November 16, 2008


Did You know?
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It's true. According to researchers at the New York School of Medicine, in households where people smoke, kids and adults are more likely to suffer "food insecurity" -- which basically means fearing not having enough food, day-in and day-out.

For example, the study found that more than 17% of kids in smoking households do not get enough food, compared to just over 8% of kids in non-smoking households.

One possible reason for the link between smoking and food insecurity is that smoking is expensive. At $4 a pack, cigarettes can cut deeply into the grocery budget, especially in poor households.

The researchers also noted that smokers often have different attitudes towards food than non-smokers, which could affect how well they feed their kids.

And now you know.