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Did You Know?: Secrets to Thriving in Old Age

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Air date: November 9, 2008


Did You know?
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It may seem obvious that certain factors point toward better quality of life in old age -- factors like positive thinking, low stress, drinking in moderation, having a decent income and not having a chronic illness.

But a new study by researchers at Portland State University and other institutions is the first to systematically examine what makes the difference between thriving in old age and struggling during these years.

The study surveyed nearly 2500 older Canadians from 1994 to 2004. Those who remained very healthy during the entire survey period had several elements in common: they’d never smoked, had yearly incomes of at least $30,000, and were generally easygoing in their approach to life.

The researchers suggest that the study is useful as a guide for modifying behaviors like drinking and smoking when you’re young or middle aged in order to live better in your later years.

And now you know.

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