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Did You Know?: A New Type of Athletic Tape

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Air date: August 31, 2008


Did You know?
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The new athletic tape called is Kinesio. You may have seen it applied in a web-like pattern on the shoulder of U.S. beach volleyball star Kerri Walsh. Dozens of other athletes sported the tape, too.

So what makes Kenisio so special? According to an article in the New York Times, regular athletic tape is normally wrapped tightly around a muscle or joint to form a kind of makeshift cast. So if you have a sprained ankle, athletic tape can help stiffen it.

Kenisio, by contrast, is softer and more pliable. Depending on the injury, it's applied to the skin in various patterns that bolster the damaged joint or muscle without hampering the body’s flexibility. The tape is also purportedly an effective pain reliever.

That's what it says on the Kenisio website, anyhow. And at least one study backs up the claim.

In any case, thanks to the Olympics, Kenisio is about to hit the big time. Look for the tape to start appearing on famously athletic shoulders, ankles and backs around the world.

And now you know.

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