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Did You Know?: Vitamin D and Longer Life

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Air date: July 6, 2008


Did You know?
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It's true. Not getting enough vitamin D might shorten your life.

Thatís according to a study done by researchers in Austria and Germany. They followed more than 3,000 patients, average age 62, for eight years. And they found that patients with the lowest levels of vitamin D were significantly more likely to have died, especially from heart disease.

The researchers stress that their study doesnít prove that low levels of vitamin D hasten death or that getting enough vitamin D will help you live longer. But combined with evidence from other reports, their study strongly suggests a correlation between vitamin D and overall good health. Low levels of vitamin D have been linked to falls, fractures, cancer and heart disease.

Itís estimated that as much as 60 percent of older people around the world donít get enough vitamin D. As

As for where to find the stuff, sunlight is one source. Eating more salmon, canned tuna in oil, egg yolks and swiss cheese are also good ways to get more vitamin D in your body.

And now you know.

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