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Host/Anchor Barbara Lewis

Welcome to Sound Medicine, now in its 14th season, presenting 'content of consequence' in a news magazine format familiar to NPR news/talk audiences across America.

Every week, host/anchor Barbara Lewis introduces you to doctors, clinicians, and research scientists from around the world. Through engaging interviews and sound portraits, Sound Medicine explores and illuminates current news and health issues with a sense of immediacy and authority.

Always curious, willing to challenge our assumptions, Sound Medicine reporting both empowers and entertains listeners. Tuning in, you'll hear regular features like cover stories, health news headlines, field reports from independent reporters around the world, first person essays on the art and science of medicine, as well as quirky observations about health and medicine that you won't hear anywhere else.

Sound Medicine both enlightens and encourages listeners to make sound health decisions. It's a forum for health issues that affect you, your family, your friends and neighbors. Sound Medicine is a weekly radio appointment keeping; and a valuable podcast resource anytime in between.

Host/anchor Barbara Lewis and the Sound Medicine production team welcome medical questions and topic ideas. Reach us by

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Sound Medicine is made possible by support from these organizations:

  • Indiana University School of Medicine
  • Indiana University
  • Eskenazi Health
  • Roche Diagnostics

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'Nothing has the potential to change our lives more than the advances and new directions in health and medical science. And while all of these achievements are incredibly interesting, few of us have the scientific training to fully understand them. Sound Medicine solves that dilemma by bringing cutting edge science to the average listener in a thoroughly enjoyable and informative manner.'

by Stephen P. Bogdewic, Ph.D.

'Reliable and accurate news on current health topics'

by snazzum (iTunes user)

'Sound Medicine is an excellent health-news program, and it usually comes on NPR every Sunday in Indianapolis. The program brings in experts to cover a vast range of topics from cancers to the common cold. It is a professionally produced program and very interesting to listen to, even for those not in health-related jobs. I subscribe to many other podcasts on health, and Sound Medicine is hands down the most informative, up-to-date, and interesting podcast out there.'

'Terrific research -- question authority!'

by sdmates (iTunes user)

'Use a single research paper - get burned, put them all together and find the truth. This is one source that makes the effort to make sense of all the research available.'

'Great information'

by Doug526 (iTunes user)

'Excellent production quality'

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